The winner of our first Photo Contest…

Here at M.E.G.A. we have a wide variety of events. One of our new events is the Photo Challenge.

Contestants had to make a picture, with their character in focus, fulfilling a certain theme and they may or may not add a small story to aid their picture.

After two weeks of editing, framing and storytelling we have a winner: Victus Suncrowne! He was chosen by the judges and a public vote as the winner and as a prize he got to choose a mount from the Mog Station!

Here are the pictures and the stories:

Challenge 1: OMG Shoes

“Killer smile, killer thighs, killer boots. Yee-haw.”

Challenge 2: Selfie and background story

“Victus Suncrowne, eh? Ain’t that an strange name fer a Sea Wolf?” I have gotten used to that question. Since I was able to travel to La Noscea it was a question that would come up often. Luckily, I don’t care anymore, at least not like I used to. A name’s a name. And my name was given to me by my Ul’dahn adoptive family, namesake of the ‘Suncrowne Tea Trading Ltd.’. A name with stature and meaning, at least on the Steps of Thal. The handsome and rugged Roegadyn sailors on the Aleport docks were eager to cat call and have a chat, but always looked puzzled when I told them my name.

“Strange.” “Fer a Sea Wolf.” “Ye ‘ave a funny mainland accent”. At least they found me handsome, exotic even. But still, it always stung a little. “Unusual”.

Well hell, nothing is ‘usual’ about me. A lancer enlisted in the Immortal Flames. My adoptive Highlander father would it have no other way. Trained as a Dragoon by an Ishgardian Elezen who saw great potential in me, now that was a break with ‘family’ tradition. But I was good in hitting and killing things, so my queer choice of arms was condoned and accepted eventually. I rode in the vanguard of the Flames, chocobo and all. Made it to First Flame Lieutenant, a real career soldier. Even got a commendation from the Bull of Ala Mhigo himself. But a Sea Wolf Roegadyn with an unusual name within the ranks of the Immortal Flames… that was for many a sight to behold. Even though Flame General Raubahn adopted a Lalafell son, the Ul’dahn noblemen sniggered at my sight. My adoptive father would have none of it. “Walk tall, boy, walk crowned with the sun, as your name implies”.

I used to think I never fit in anywhere. Not with my sea-faring kin, not with the merchants and noblemen. I always fled to the open water whenever I could. Strange, the sea has always given me an unusual sense of calm. I was born seafolk. I look like the part at least. My origin, it’s all a guess. When my adoptive father found me and my sister shipwrecked after a summer storm in the Strait of Merithor, we had no names – I was too young, a teary-eyed little boy delivered unto the tides of fate, clinging onto a piece of driftwood. A ship sunk by Sahagin. Or other pirates. Or the storm itself. The Twelve know.

I still dream of stormy seas, but they are no nightmares. The sea’s in my blood. It’s always calling. And I always answer. Destiny is like the sea. It is a wild thing. I have walked my path; a spear-wielding Sea Wolf Flame Lieutenant with a Hyur name. I do not fit in nowhere; I fit in everywhere. Some may call my life ‘unusual’. I call it variable. Unpredictable.
Much like the sea.

Challenge 3: “Wish you were here…” card.

“Hey babykitty. The restoration goes well. Lord Hien is most kind to us and we are here as his honored guests. We helped build a place called The Ten Thousand Stalls. You wouldn’t believe it: they have infinite scrumptious delicacies. The freshest sushi you ever tasted. And they serve the most delicious takoyaki. Though I liked the ramen better at our usual place in Kugane. This is a photo of me relishing in the wonderful smells and tastes. Had a bit too much sake. Miss you. I’ll take you one day. Wish you were here.
Love, your Roegabear, Vic.”

Challenge 4: “I love this NPC!”

“They all dressed like him, wore the Suncrowne colours. First Flame Lieutenant Suncrowne was quite hard for his all-Roegadyn squadron. He’d mock their complaints by air quoting. “I am getting tired, sir? In MY day we walked from Sagolii to Bluefog without breaking a sweat. GIMME ‘NOTHER FIFTY!”

Believe it or not, First Flame Lieutenant Suncrowne loved his squadron. It was tough love. They had seen too many summers, and there was a war coming…”

Challenge 5: PRIDE and SUMMER

“Pride is not just about partying. Pride is about fighting and protesting injustice. Sounds like a thing for the Warrior of Light… But partying is okay too. Scantily clad, I mean it’s summer and I’m hot. ”