A Queer Year

Thinking back to how far we have come – I cannot help feeling proud. Today, exactly one year has passed since our founding, and gurl, what a ride it has been. It was in May 2018 when a few friends (Osixjoh, Zana’than and myself) started thinking about forming their own guild. M.E.G.A., or Make Eorzea Gay Again quickly came into existence. We have grown into an active and social community. But Rome was not built in a day – and we have had our share of growing pains. Luckily there were many highlights as well. I would like to share our extraordinary journey with you.

Wonderful weeks!

So it’s been a few hectic weeks since our founding.

And boy, am I proud of the things we have achieved.

  • We were able to reach Rank 8 in a few days
  • We accumulated the founds for buying a beautiful Large plot next to the Shirogane beach
  • Thanks to Evienne, our house is a wonderful decorated and versatile mansion
  • We attracted various people who have official roles within our FC (ambassadorship, housing, workshop)
  • We organized a few events, with most notably a raffle, a photo contest and in-game runs
  • We have built up an active user base of active and happy players
  • We already have our first IRL meeting planned
  • We have our first election for the leadership at the end of August

Our FC chat and Discord bursts of all happy activity. These things make me very happy!

~ Victus